Our Full-Time course is designed to teach students the importance of both Acting on Stage and for Film & TV. Students will learn unique skill sets in class through our mentors who are all Industry Professionals and who will guide students towards career paths and will aid them with the necessary tools required to pursue a successful career in acting. Students will be exposed to Top Film and Theatre Producers, Directors, Casting Directors and Agencies in South Africa through career opportunities whereby students also receive real-life opportunities on actual Movie and TV sets, Stage Productions, Castings and Auditions.


Taught by Industry Professionals in-class, students will also be exposed through the teachings of Oscar-Winning Actresses and Actors such as Helen Mirren, Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman and etc. through our Masterclass Video Workshops integrated in class.

  • Acting for Stage

  • Acting for Film and TV

  • Acting Masterclass

  • Learning Several Acting Techniques

  • Camera Work

  • Stage Work

  • Stunt Training

  • Voice Acting

  • TV Work

  • How to Prepare for an Audition

  • How to do an Accent

  • Improvisation

  • Film Craft

  • And Much More …


After Two Years (2) of studying, part-time students will be granted their International Advance Extended Diploma on the RQF Level 3 which is equivalent to Advance Higher Diploma in South Africa. Full-Time students studying Three Years (3) will be granted their International Advance Higher Diploma (Associate Degree Equivalent) on RQF Level 4 with the option to further receive their Honours Degree Equivalent qualification in their 4th year throughout our Professional International Advance Diploma (RSLDip) on RQF Level 6.



 For our Part-Time Students, a more direct approach is incorporated in our 2-Year Course in which students can choose where they focus lies and whether they want to focus on Acting on Stage or take a shot at being a Film Actor on Camera.