This ultimate 3-Year Course for the students who can see themselves behind-the-scenes in the making of Film & Television Content. An end-qualifications for this course are provided through our VQ Qualifications with RSL (Rock School) as an International Advance Extended Diploma on RQF Level 3.


Our Filmmaking Course is the ultimate course for students who have a passion in Story-Telling and Content Creation. With amazing film directors, producers, script writers and actors on board – our students will learn filmmaking from some of the top local and international filmmakers. Students will learn the ins and outs of filmmaking, they will create their own content, films and tv shows whilst working on other real local and international films, tv shows, and etc.. Over and above that – students will also be exposed to state-of-the art equipment, locations, traveling and will get to network with real industry practitioners.

  • Cinematography, Lighting, Sound Design

  • Directing & Producing

  • Script Writing

  • Editing, VFX, Animation

  • Distribution

  • The Business of Filmmaking


This course is a fun, interactive and HANDS-ON course that not only teaches students the theoretical side of FILMMAKING as a whole, but students get PRACTICAL experiences on real film and television sets through hands-on physical and practical training by industry veterans. This is why our filmmaking course is also an apprenticeship whereby students physically work and DO as they learn in the field.