SAFATA is more than just an academy; it’s a lifelong journey of growth, empowerment, and artistic excellence.


SAFATA DREAMS THE MUSICAL PRODUCTION. I am sitting here reflecting on this Awesome Production. I just want to let you know, (having the privilege to see the showx2) that I was Entertained, Inspired and in Awe! I sat in that auditorium with proud tears in my eyes. Your Talent and Ambition was clearly evident in this production Nicho, Congratulations the Dream team / Mentors, I am truly Grateful for them, mentoring my daughter – what a privilege! I am amazed by Lara’s growth and her passion! Thank you for Inspiring her, she is already living her Dream. I don’t personally know the other SAFATA kids but I am Soooó proud of them as well. I looked out for them on stage and appreciated and enjoyed there performances, if I could I would give them all a hug, very talented young people. I can not wait for the next production! Dreams The Musical Production – FANTABULOUS !.From a Very Proud SAFATA Parent

Lindi Harmse

SAFATA is a true definition of “family of performers”. I had the best 3 years of my life and I was a part of something more than what I had imagined when I first joined. I was more than just a student, no cap. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I was given. Danielle and Nicho always went an extra mile to help me get what I came for at that school even when they didn’t have to, and I always carry them in my life. It is a great school and everyone is family to each other. We give hugs to each other when we are feeling low because we are lead by people who value other people’s emotions. The mentors are great. To them what they are doing is more just a job, it’s a passion and they make sure that you get what you deserve. They are very kind but very strict, which is a good thing. I really love SAFATA and I really honoured to have been part of their family❤❤❤

Indiphile Lobi

SAFATA is a brilliant institute, that forms a family, you make relationships that last, as well as getting opportunities for experience in the actual industry. You receive brilliant feedback that helps your improve your talents.”

Daniêlle Ruiters

Being a mentor at SAFATA has been an immensely rewarding journey. The institution’s commitment to fostering creativity and excellence in performing arts aligns with my passion for nurturing emerging talents. Collaborating with dedicated students and witnessing their growth, both artistically and personally, has been truly fulfilling. SAFATA’s supportive community and innovative approach to education make it a standout platform for mentorship. It’s a joy to contribute to the development of future performers, and I look forward to continued inspiration and artistic exploration in this dynamic environment.

Safata is both an amazing place to work and an inspiring learning environment. Students are encouraged, supported, and guided to become their best selves. It’s a place where creativity thrives and arts careers flourish.